Bergwall Hall

One of the largest co-ed residence halls on campus, Bergwall Hall houses 185 men and women on separate floors. With air conditioning, an elevator, a private bath in each room, and a direct skywalk to Hodson Dining Commons, Berg was nicknamed “the Holidorm” shortly after it was built in 1989 with summer conference housing in mind. 

Bergwall typically has a high number of student-athletes and is across the street from the Kesler Student Activity Center and Odle Arena. This proximity sets the stage for Let’s Get Physical, an event in January that helps kick of the New Year. Bergwall residents participate in physical activities to break through the winter doldrums and increase interaction. Each spring, Bergwall Hall sets aside a time to celebrate the Bergwall community, affectionately known as Bergwalliday. Floor events include special welcoming ceremonies, foot washing, nicknames for new freshmen, and even an annual indoor Slip-n-Slide.

Bergwall Hall

Bergwall Hall

Namesake: Evan Bergwall, Sr.

Dr. Evan Bergwall, Sr.As Taylor University’s youngest president (1951-1959), Dr. Evan Bergwall, Sr. ’39 humbly led the University through one of the most difficult times in its history. Just twelve years after graduating from Taylor, Bergwall was asked by fellow board members to lead a university struggling with faculty discord, administrative issues and financial hardship.

He was hesitant, but acting from a desire to serve and strengthen Taylor and out of devotion to his alma mater, he accepted the role. The reluctant leader’s obedience to the call to servant leadership led to returned stability, reduced debt and restored relationships.

Bergwall was a highly respected and brilliant intellectual, having graduated first in his class at both Taylor and Yale. He also studied at Oxford University, Emory University, and New York University. After leaving the Taylor presidency, Bergwall continued to serve in leadership roles: he was a Methodist circuit preacher, district superintendent and hospital chaplain; he founded an Indiana children’s home and served in the mission field in Haiti and Zaire, Africa.

Meet the
Hall Director

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Meet the Hall Director of
Bergwall Hall

Isaac Bryan

As a competitive runner, I’ve learned a thing or two about training. I see Bergwall Hall as sort of a training ground for the real world. It’s a place where students can grow in community during their final semesters. Upon leaving Taylor, I hope students gain a desire to foster true, authentic Christian community in their neighborhoods, apartment complexes, or communities. Bergwall is just one stone paving the way toward that goal.

Taylor certainly was a training ground for me. I received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in the good ole town of Upland. I even met my beautiful wife Emily here, so to me, Taylor is the gift that keeps on giving. Now, we happily reside in Bergwall with our son, Benjamin Cole, known to many as Benj.

One of my hidden passions is reading children’s books and poems. There is a sense of nostalgia that comes from revisiting the past through literature. These books capture the innocence of our childhood. Now that my son is growing older, I’ll get to share my love for books with him and help him create memories of his own.

I have chosen to be a part of residence life because I know the great potential that comes from living in Christian community. As a student, my hall director played a very formative role in my life. Now as a Graduate Assistant and Hall Director, I am hoping to do the same in my students’ lives. The greatest joy in my role is seeing students choose to accept the challenges of life as opportunities for God to show his gracious love and faithfulness.