The Grille, located in the Student Union, is a smaller secondary venue for dining. It provides a convenient option for staff and students with limited time between classes. Seniors with approved meal plans are allowed to eat at the Grille, and students who live in Swallow Robin and Samuel Morris are approved to eat there for breakfast.

The Grille has hours separate from the Dining Commons so approved students can eat a later lunch or dinner. It offers a limited menu of daily and weekly specials, as well as grab-and-go fare, including made-to-order deli, grinder and pizza options, pasta, burgers, soup, Mexican options and a variety of side items.

Care packages can also be sent through the Grille!

Additional information

Hours of Operation


M-F: 7:15-9 AM
Sat-Sun: Closed


M-F: 10:50-11:50 AM, 12:20-3:10 PM
Sat-Sun: Closed


M-Th: 5:30-9 PM
Fri-Sun: Closed