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Career Services

The current research and resources we provide can help you select the major appropriate to your desired career, as well as position you competitively in the marketplace. The Calling and Career Office will provide you with the most current opportunities, research and advice. As the campus authority on career tracks, trends and connections, the CCO is a valuable resource for your career discovery process.

One of the greatest strengths of the CCO is serving as a bridge between students and Taylor’s rich network of caring alumni, parents and friends who can provide you with experienced counsel and help you make crucial connections. Connecting with alumni who are already established and successful in their calling or career gets you one step closer to your desired vocation.

The Calling and Career Office features a blended approach of reaching students where they are (in residence halls and classrooms and through clubs and activities) and provides services that attract students to our office including:

  • Workshops
  • Industry-specific résumé help
  • Mock interviews
  • Job fairs
  • Networking services
  • Assessment tools like Strong Interest Inventory and StrengthsFinder

Whether we come to you or you come to us, trust us to be accessible and available throughout your time at Taylor. Turn to the CCO for direct access to Taylor’s alumni network and insight on topics like the power of networking, the theology of calling, and how to use social media to get a great full-time job. 


The Internship Coordinator’s sole purpose is to support students and faculty, as well as companies and organizations through the internship process—we know internships are critical to finding full-time work. According to a National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) study, recent graduates who were employed full-time were more likely to have had at least one internship during their college experience.  

Graduate School Assistance

We offer several options to assist students interested in graduate school. We help with application review and essays, as well as helping draft and edit personal statements. Annual graduate school fairs are occasionally held on campus and mock interviews can be scheduled any time. We can also help connect interested students to resources for preparation for entrance exams like the GRE, GMAT, MCAT and LSAT. 

Job Placement

The CCO is the primary connection point for employers to gain access to Taylor students who are pursuing degrees and experience in their respective field. Employers hire Taylor grads because they are high achieving, hardworking and intelligent employees. Employers also deeply appreciate the integrity and critical thinking skills Taylor grads bring to their company or organization.

Graduate Reports

In the 2013 Graduate Report, the graduating class was asked to respond to various survey inquiries upon graduating from Taylor. The report presents information on how many graduated students have full and part time employment, are attending graduate school, and are other/still seeking. Specific degrees conferred, graduates responding, geographical locations of graduates, success rate, and level of excellence are also evaluated in this report.

If you would like to hire a Taylor student as an intern or employee, have questions about our services, or need more information, contact our office at or 765-998-5382.

Meet the
Director of Indiana Employer Relations

Read about Jeff Aupperle

Meet the Director of Indiana Employer Relations of
Calling & Career Office

Jeff Aupperle

As Director of Indiana Employer Relations, I oversee Taylor University’s Promising Ventures program. Promising Ventures is a co-curricular program within the Calling and Career Office designed for students from all disciplines that have an idea or dream to start a business or nonprofit organization.

The Promising Ventures Program exists to connect students to people and experiences that will accelerate entrepreneurial aspirations toward the creation of high-impact ventures in the state of Indiana – inspiring students to innovate for the common good.

I am inspired by the potential of Taylor student creativity when exercised in entrepreneurship. My job aligns with my research interests and a deeply embedded desire to help students understand how their unique passions and abilities intersect with the world’s needs. 

My time with Adventures in Missions following my undergraduate studies gave me an appreciation for interdenominational faith-based organizations and taught me lasting lessons on the diversity of God’s Kingdom. It also formed my passion for a longer-term investment in people’s lives.

As a pastor for seven years, I had the opportunity to see the fruits of that kind of investment. I also discovered a love for student ministry. Working with high school students set me on the path to where I am today. After being invited in Fall 2011 to speak at Bethel College's chapel, my passion to dedicate my life to college students flourished. This passion was cultivated through my time as a student in the Master of Arts in Higher Education (MAHE) program at Taylor University.