Leadership Programs

The Leadership Programs cabinet exists to serve Christian leadership scholars, community life scholars, and the student body as they explore their calling. We work alongside Cathy Weatherspoon (Director of Leadership Development) to put on programming that challenges the Taylor community to reach its full potential in service and leadership. We have an exciting conference coming your way this spring - the National Student Leadership Conference! Keep your eyes open for other leadership development events, including speakers, lectures, and panels throughout the year. These events help you to learn from one another and the teachings of others to pursue Godly leadership with diligence.  

The events Leadership Programs put on include:

  • A monthly dinner at President’s house is for recipients of the Community Life and Christian Leadership scholarships. We are honored to fellowship together over dinner in the president's home, and then work through the Beatitudes in Matthew 5-7 with Dr. and Mrs. Habecker.
  • PURSUIT of Service is a panel of people from our Taylor community who exemplify service, such as secretaries, individuals from housekeeping or maintenance, and Dining Commons workers. We try to plan events that challenge students to pursue being more like Christ.
  • National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) addresses Christians who are called to engage with the world as Jesus did and somehow keep up with the shifting dynamics of our culture. It can be difficult to remain grounded, yet spread the gospel and reach out to our ever-changing society. NSLC 2013 challenged leaders to better define the relationship of Christianity and culture through its mission: Restoration. How can we become restorers of our beautiful world, using grace and love to minister redemptive truth? The conference kicked off with a banquet and keynote, and closed with a final keynote session, welcoming Josh Riebock and Gabe Lyons as our keynote speakers.