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Spanish Major/Minor

Estudios Españoles

Sharpen your Spanish language skills while learning about Spanish history and multiple Spanish cultures. Developing a proficiency in Spanish will allow you to connect with over 400 million native speakers. Spanish courses at Taylor focus on advanced Spanish fluency, the ability to communicate well, and the culture and history of Spanish-speaking countries.

The ability to speak Spanish pairs well with a desire to reach and work with people from other cultures. Combine this major with another to multiply your professional opportunities in career fields such as business, ministry, communication, social work, and education.

Buen Viaje

To ensure a hands-on learning experience, the Spanish major requires an immersive semester in a Spanish-speaking country to help you better grasp the concepts from your Taylor Spanish classes and take another step toward becoming bilingual. Take Spanish history, literature, culture, and communication classes in foreign locations, such as Spain, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, among others.

Minor in Spanish

Whether you’re pursuing a career in business, missions, communications, or government, a Spanish minor will strengthen your language skills and deepen your cultural understanding to further qualify you for your role. Take the core language requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree, then complete your minor with a study abroad experience.

Spanish minors cannot be combined with any other Spanish program.

Spanish Curriculum & Degree Options

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