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Taylor University Campus from Outside of the Entrance Wall.

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Complex Symmetry of Truncated Composition Operators

Project Type: Directed

Project Contributors: Ruth Jansen, Rebecca K. Rousseau

Extremely Low Earth Orbit Satellite - ELEOsat

Project Type: Directed

Project Contributors: Dan McClure, David Lew, Matt Orvis, Adam Kilmer, Jacob Baranowski, Paul Kuehl, Seth Foote, Kevin Seifert, Natalie Ramm, and Anthony Pollina
Directed Project Contributors: Dr. Hank Voss and Professor Jeff Dailey.
Each student, under faculty advising, takes full responsibility of his or her subsystem. Throughout the design and development process, students learned valuable skills, teamwork, and experience the end-to-end engineering process.

Fruit Fly Research: A Genetic and Cell Approach to Studying Planar Cell Polarity

Project Type: Directed

2015-2016: Jesse Stutzman, Deborah Barnett, Djamina Esperance, Kendra Hollenbeck
Summer 2016: Deborah Barnett, Abigail Crosley, Christiana Phillips
2016-2017: Steve Estes, Chester Gorski, Luis Herrera, Peter Shin, Sophia Storer
Summer 2017: Alex Hord, Han Chang, Won Chang
2017-2018: Lindi Moore, Carsyn Reynolds, Jhasmyne Rutherford, Kristin Alt, Mark Baker, Joel Bragg, Evan Livingston, Leigha Purcell
Project Directed By: Jessica Vanderploeg, PhD

High Intensity Aerobic Interval Training Stimulates Muscular Hypertrophy in Untrained Subjects

Project Type: Class

C. Losey, D. Thrush, A. Malinowski, M. Piacentini, E. Hayes; S. Gearhart, J. Norton, J. Schick, K. Snyder Supported by The Women’s Giving Circle

High Intensity Interval Exercise Acutely Reduces Central Blood Pressure and Peripheral Arterial Stiffness

Project Type: Directed

Erika Ivey, Emily Snyder, Kelsey Arvin, Josiah Furrow, Erik Hayes, PhD, & Matthew Harber, PhD

The Secret Santa Problem Continues

Project Type: Directed

Project Contributors: Daniel Crane, Tanner Dye