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Dr. Michael Lindsay

President of Taylor University

“It is such an exciting time to be part of the extended Taylor University family! For a long time, Taylor has been committed to developing and equipping servant-leaders. We are honored by your interest in Taylor, and we invite you to come and see what the Lord is doing on campus! We are striving to become the most Christ-centered, student-focused university, and we pray you are blessed as you get to know Taylor better.”

D. Michael Lindsay
president lindsay with his wife and three daughters

About President Lindsay

D. Michael Lindsay, Ph.D., serves as the President of Taylor University, one of the nation’s leading Christian universities. Lindsay assumed this role after a decade of service at Gordon College on Boston’s North Shore...

Upcoming Events


Bible Study – Introduction and John 13: The Sovereign Servant (John 13:1-35)

President Lindsay reopens a year-long study in the book of John by introducing the second half of the gospel, known as the “Book of Glory.” John highlights the identity of Jesus Christ as the Son of God through the many signs he performed in chapters 1-12, but now moves to emphasize the majesty of Christ through his death and resurrection. After laying the foundation, President Lindsay shares his thoughts on John 13 when Christ washes his disciples’ feet.


Lunch & Learn – “The Competitive Higher Ed Ecosystem and Taylor’s Place Within It”

For years, American institutions of higher education have traded on the intimacy of the learning experience and living environment as differentiating market advantages. Within the last decade, however, American universities have been under significant scrutiny from a plethora of issues, ranging from an overreliance on ever-higher tuition to questions surrounding the need for college education. In this session, President Lindsay aims to diagnose the condition of the higher education market and Taylor’s dynamic position within it.


Bible Study – John 13 & 14: Heart Trouble (John 13:36-14:31)

In its second gathering of the semester, the Bible Study covers the end of John 13 and all of chapter 14. As we observe the disciples interact with Jesus in the upper room, President Lindsay notes a few insights on human condition.

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