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Aerial view of campus

Campus Life

New Student Orientation

All incoming students are welcomed into the Taylor community through intentional experiences. Summer Orientation provides all matriculated students and their parents an introduction to community life and a chance to meet administrators, faculty, staff, and student leaders. Welcome Weekend begins the year with social events and informative activities. Each freshman and transfer student is placed in a small group led by upper-class student leaders. The small groups continue to meet as part of the IAS 110 class during the fall semester. Through class lectures and small groups, relevant topics are discussed to assist with the transition to college life and to provide a support network of assimilation into the Taylor community. Contact Lisa Wallace for more information about the First-Year Experience.

Student Engagement

Life Together Covenant

Taylor’s Life Together Covenant is a document that provides structure for living in such a community. The purpose of this covenant is to identify the expectations for participation that will assist us in living together and meeting our institutional objectives. This document asks each member—faculty, staff, and student alike—to put the needs of the community ahead of personal desires. The desire is for all individuals in the community to be edified, bear with one another, speak the truth in love, and give attention to reconciliation, restoration, and restitution.


Chapel meets each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 am. Chapels are available to watch or listen to online.

Office of Intercultural Programs

The Office of Intercultural Programs is dedicated to honoring God by meeting the individual needs of international students, American ethnic students, missionary kids (MKs), and third culture kids (TCKs) at Taylor University.

Student Publications and Media

Students with writing abilities, photographic skills, or artistic skills may use them in the production of these student media:

  • The Echo
    The Echo is a weekly newspaper with news, editorials, photographs, and features. You can keep up with issues and events on campus by ordering a subscription to The Echo or reading the condensed online version.
  • Parnassus
    Parnassus is an annual literary magazine that feature original art and writing by students and faculty.
  • The Ilium
    The Ilium is the student-produced yearbook, which utilizes photography and copy to communicate an overview of Taylor’s school year.
  • Envision Productions & MC7
    Envision Productions is the in-house production that produces chapels and live programming “MC7” (Taylor’s cable channel 7), as well as a variety of edited video projects.
  • WTUR
    With an online radio station, students can gain experience by joining the management team or hosting a weekly music program.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Taylor University is affiliated with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and is a member of the NAIA Great Lakes Region and the Crossroads League. The football team is a member of the Mid-States Football Association. Taylor University varsity sports include men’s baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s football, men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s soccer, women’s softball, men’s and women’s tennis, men’s and women’s track, and women’s volleyball.

Taylor Student Organization & Taylor World Outreach

Student ministries emphasize practical experience in ministry and leadership. Taylor World Outreach is the department through which this is accomplished. The Taylor Student Organization (TSO) complements the University’s overarching goals in two distinct way: First, TSO provides hands-on leadership and experiences for almost 100 students every year. Each student is hired into a position in which their faith, character, passions, and leadership skills are stretched and developed. For more information, please contact Steve Austin, Director of Student Programs.

Campus Resources

Residence Life

Residence Life is a defining characteristic of the Taylor University experience. Each residence hall program is purposefully integrated among classes, major of study, and co-curricular interests. Additionally, each living unit has at least one trained upperclassmen serving as a Personnel Assistant (PA) who provides oversight for the educational, spiritual, and social climate of their living unit. Each of these PAs are supervised by a highly-trained Residence Hall Director who is a member of the Student Development staff.

Food Services

Taylor provides an excellent food service program for all students. All resident students participate in a meal plan of 15 or 20 meals per week. Students who live off-campus have the option of 7, 10, 15, or 20 meals per week. The Hodson Dining Commons is able to handle special dietary needs, as well as provide sack or take-out meals to students.

Guest meals cost:
$9.00—Dinner & Sunday Lunch

The LaRita Boren Campus Center serves as a secondary dining option to those whose schedules conflict with DC hours or those using Dining Dollars, which are provided with every meal plan. It serves faculty, staff, students, and area patrons.

Calling and Career Office

Taylor students graduate with the latest information and abilities, but the experience is not just job-training. Rather, it aims at whole person development, attending not only to career, but also developing their God-given gifts and abilities. The resources the Calling and Career Office provides can help position the student in the appropriate major respective to their desired career, as well as position them competitively in the marketplace through workshops, industry-specific résumé help, mock interviews, job fairs, networking services, and assessment tools. It also provides them with the most alumni, parents, and friends who can provide them with experienced counsel and crucial connections. For any further information or questions, please contact the Calling & Career Office.

Campus Post Office

The campus address should follow this format:

  • [Student’s Name (Please do not use nicknames)]
  • Taylor University
  • [Residence Hall or Off Campus Housing]
  • 236 W. Reade Avenue
  • Upland, IN 46989-1001

The Campus Post Office offers mail forwarding for first class mail during summer months. Express mail, UPS deliveries, and freight shipments are also available. The Campus Post Office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Zondervan Library

The goal of the Zondervan Library is to facilitate opportunities for students to discover, connect, and learn.