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Academic Information

Academic Advising

Every student entering Taylor University is assigned an advisor. Students who have declared a major will be assigned a faculty advisor in their major area of study. Students who are undecided will be assigned an academic advisor in the Academic Advising Office. Students are required to meet with their assigned faculty/advisors prior to register for classes. The role of the advisor is to assist students through planning their academic program. For more information about academic advising, please contact Trina Hartman, Director of Academic Advising.

Academic Enrichment Center

The Academic Enrichment Center provides services to any student, and strongly encourages a student to contact the AEC if he/she:

  • Has any type of disability
  • Needs to meet Taylor’s math or reading proficiency
  • Is struggling academically in any course
  • Needs help with writing skills
  • Would like to sign up for a tutor
  • Desires to be a tutor

Students with disabilities who wish to receive support should contact Scott Barrett, Coordinator of Academic Support. For any other information, please contact Dr. Scott Gaier.


TOWER Proxy provides parents secure online access to their student’s academic records. Parents may receive access to the following by being granted permission by their student to access TOWER Proxy.

  • Academic and financial holds
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Midterm and final grades
  • Class schedule

*Learn more about TOWER Proxy

Technology Assistance

Client Services provides technology support to Taylor faculty, staff, students, administration, and guests. Current students receive free email/phone/walk-up support for those technology issues most often faced by students. This includes connection of personal computing devices to Taylor’s network and access to Taylor academic resources such as Blackboard, myTAYLOR, and TOWER. Help is available inside the Technology & Learning Connection on the main level of Zondervan library or by visiting the Client Services support website. For phone support, contact Client Services at 765-998-4040 or toll-free at 866-694-1385.

Computer Purchasing

Taylor’s network is based on the Windows Server environment. For the reason, Windows-based computers offer a more seamless user experience. However, students using Macintosh and Linux-based computers have access to all the academic resources required to complete their degree. For more information on PC recommendations, printing, and other technology questions refer to Client Services.

Grade Reports

Taylor Online Web Enabled Records (TOWER) provides students secure online access to their academic records, including grades, unofficial transcripts, and course registration. Mid-term grades are only entered if they are below a C-. Mid-term grades are not recorded on the student’s permanent record in anyway. Grades will not be mailed to degree-seeking students.

Student Records/Privacy Act

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), Taylor University has established guidelines regarding access to and release of educational records. In short, FERPA allows Taylor to release “directory information” without the consent or knowledge of the student, unless the student has notified Taylor in advance that such information is not to be released. Directory information may include the following:

  • Photo
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone listing
  • E-mail address
  • Date and place of birth
  • Field of study
  • Grade level
  • Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  • Weight and height of members of athletic teams
  • Dates of attendance
  • Degrees, honors, and awards
  • Most recent previous education
  • Enrollment status

Parents need to be aware that their student’s directory information is not available to them if the student has requested it not to be disclosed by requesting “Privacy.” Other information about the students, such as class schedule, grades, and student account balance is NOT available to parents unless the student has signed a FERPA release form and has it on file in the Office of the Registrar.

Class Standing / Graduation Requirements / GPA Schedule

To graduate, a student must earn a minimum of 128 degree-applicable hours, including all foundational core and major requirements; also included is a minimum of 42 upper division credit hours. Class Standing is based on the total number of hours a student has completed. Grade point average is calculated by dividing quality points by GPA hours. Grade point hours include only Taylor University courses taken for a grade. Major and minor must be completed with a minimum grade of C-.