Intense Intervention Licensure Program

Get ready! Classes available beginning October 2020!

The Intense Intervention Licensure Program is a series of three graduate-level classes for teachers to add Exceptional Children: Intense Intervention (P-12) certification to their Indiana license. This online program is flexibly-designed to fit around your full-time teaching schedule.

As a licensed intense interventionist, you will be more hirable, prepared and confident as you come alongside students with learning disabilities, helping them succeed. Our schools need you!

Classes are flexible! 

The structure of the program is uniquely flexible. Classes are self-paced over 4 months. You can determine the start date for your classes by enrolling any day of the year. 

You can work on a class any time of the day and never have to be online at a specific time. Classes do require in-person classroom observations and experiences completed in your community. There is no student teaching requirement.

  • Licensure Courses

    SED 575 Low-Incidence Disabilities-Instruction and Learning (3 Credit Hours)

    This course is designed for candidates to operationalize knowledge of the curriculum principles to design systematic instruction for individuals with intense disabilities. The focus is on research-based strategies for promoting academic and social-emotional success. Historical and legal aspects will inform instruction to meet students’ current learning needs as well as preparation for adulthood. Candidates will relate characteristics and etiological backgrounds of preschool children through adolescence with intense disabilities to assess and design individualized and effective instruction. The roles and types of technologies in the teaching and learning process will be included. This course includes a field experience teaching students with intense disabilities.

    Field Experience: 25 hours observation over minimum of 4 weeks

    SED 580 Low-Incidence Disabilities-Independence and Self-determination (3 Credit Hours)

    This course provides candidates with the skills to evaluate and design effective individualized programs based upon instructional needs related to independence and self-determination for students with intense disabilities. An informed decision-making process based upon student, family, and diagnostic procedures are the focus. Theories and principles related to the skills for independence and self-determination are applied to design individualized programs to address daily living, job and community, and self-management of behaviors for students. This course includes a field experience teaching students with intense disabilities.

    Field Experience: 25 hours observation over minimum of 4 weeks

    SED 590 Low-Incidence Disabilities-Collaboration and Individualized Programs (3 Credit Hours)

    The course focuses on the application of effective strategies of communication and collaboration for promoting the success of children and adolescents with intense disabilities. The consultative and collaborative skills and roles of special education teachers will be applied to advance the learning experiences and outcomes for students. Content includes current issues and trends related to various programs, and services. Culturally competent services, parent involvement, and the role of students with intense disabilities are addressed. This course includes a field experience teaching students with intense disabilities.

    Field Experience: 25 hours observation over minimum of 4 weeks

  • Licensure Tests

    Content Area Assessment:  Subject assessments measure your content knowledge of the subject(s) you will teach.  To add the intense intervention content area to a teaching license, you must take and pass the following test after you complete your courses:

                (024) Exceptional Needs – Intense Intervention

    For additional information, contact any of the following:

    Mrs. Kim Overbey, Director of Teacher Licensure,, 765-998-5286
    Mrs. April Dickey, Director of Transition to Teaching/Online Licensure Programs,, 765-998-5145
    Pearson Testing website:  


Applications are accepted year-round for Taylor University's online Intense Intervention Licensure program. To apply, please submit the following:

License and transcripts can be emailed to or mailed to:

Taylor University, Education Department
ATTN: Director, Transition to Teaching/Online Licensure Programs
236 W. Reade Avenue
Upland, IN 46989

*Note: To be admitted, you must already possess a valid Indiana license in Exceptional Children: Mild Intervention.


Tuition is $450 per credit hour. A three credit hour course totals $1,350 and is due at the time of enrollment. Once paid, you can start the course the next business day. Courses will be available starting October 2020! 

Financial aid is not available for the Intense Intervention Licensure program.

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For additional information about Taylor University’s online Intense Intervention Licensure Program, please contact us!

April Dickey
Director, Transition to Teaching/Online Licensure Programs

Leah Kimbrell
Intense Intervention Licensure Program Advisor