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Associate Degrees

The mission of Taylor’s online programs is to provide a Christ-centered education in a format that works within your schedule. These degree offerings are marked by flexibility and academic excellence:

  • Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies
    This degree provides a solid understanding of theology through Bible survey courses and an emphasis on hermeneutics. Students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to serve a church. The online biblical studies degree consists of 65 credit hours: 44 general education credits and 21 major credits. Download the curriculum guide.
  • Associate of Arts in Human Services
    This degree blends the disciplines of social work and psychology. Upon completion, students can seamlessly transition to campus to complete a BA/BS in social work in two additional years. The requirements for the online human services degree consist of 64 credit hours: 47 general education credits and 17 major credits. Download the curriculum guide.
  • Associate of Arts in Professional Writing
    Learning the different styles of publishable genres through courses in article writing, freelance writing, journalism, and scriptwriting is emphasized in order to train the student to deliver quality content in various forms. This online writing degree consists of 66 credit hours: 47 general education credits and 19 major credits. Download the curriculum guide.
  • Professional Writing Certificate
    The certificate in professional writing is a 22 credit hour program that emphasizes learning the different styles of writing.
    • Course Requirements
      • CAC220 Communication Writing Essentials (3 credits)
      • ENG110 Expository Writing (3 credits)
      • Literature: ENG240 American Literature (3 credits) or ENG250 British Literature (3 credits)
      • PWR313 Article Writing I (2 credits)
      • PWR314 Article Writing II (2 credits)
      • PWR323 Non-Fiction & Scriptwriting (3 credits)
      • PWR327 Introduction to Fiction Writing (3 credits)
      • PWR472 Freelance Writing (3 credits)
    • Course descriptions are available in the course catalog.
    Students may transfer up to 8 credit hours toward the certificate.
    To start the admissions process, please submit the certificate program application. Official high school and college (if applicable) transcripts are also required.
Program Structure

The structure of the programs is unique. Classes are either taken in 15-week semesters or 4-month terms, depending on financing. Per federal regulations, students who use financial aid take semester-based classes. Otherwise, you have the option of taking classes within a 4-month term, in which you determine the start date of your classes. Note: Financial aid is not available for students pursuing the professional writing certificate.

Most students attend part-time, taking two or three classes at a time. Classes are completed online and have weekly assignment due dates, but no meeting times. The faculty members are professionals in their fields, and share a Christian worldview. They purposefully incorporate faith in their classes. 90% of students report feeling cared about by the professors even though they are separated by distance, according to a recent survey.

Course Format

Classes are taught in an independent study format in which students work one-on-one with the professor. You can work on a class any time of the day, and never have to be online at a specific time. Taylor utilizes Blackboard, a password protected interactive website, as the platform to deliver courses.


Applications are accepted year round. However, the next start date for students using financial aid is the fall semester, which begins on August 27, 2018.

The process for applying to a Taylor University Online degree program requires the submission of the following:

Applications will not be reviewed until all materials are submitted. Students will be notified of acceptance within a week of the office receiving the last portion of the application.


Tuition is $400 per credit hour. The total cost of the program ranges from $26,600 (65 credit hours) to $26,800 (67 credit hours) plus the application fee ($40). There are no other fees. Textbooks are the student’s responsibility to purchase, and are not included in the price of tuition.

Veterans, reserves, and active duty military personnel receive a tuition discount at the rate of $250 per credit hour. Learn more.

Scholarships, Grant Awards, & Financial Aid

The merit-based scholarship and church matching grant are available to degree seeking students only.

Students who meet the following criteria may be eligible for financial aid:

  • Seeking a degree with Taylor University Online
  • Enrolling in at least six credit hours
  • Taking courses within a semester (fall, spring, or summer)

Read more about TU Online Financial Aid.

Degree Policies

Taylor University Online upholds the following policies to ensure students are treated fairly and consistently, and to maintain academic integrity. Download the complete catalog to review all of the policies. The policies listed below are the most notable for degree students.


It is the responsibility of the student to obtain textbooks. If the student is waiting for financial aid in order to get books, he/she can request TU Online to order and ship required textbooks on his/her behalf. TU Online will charge a fee of $165 per course, which will be added to the student's account.

Students should request this service two weeks prior to the start of the semester to ensure prompt delivery. If the request is within two weeks of the semester start, TU Online does not guarantee arrival of the textbooks prior to classes starting.


Students who are receiving financial aid cannot purchase extensions for classes taken within the semester. By appealing to and receiving permission from the Director of TU Online, a student can receive an extension of up to, but not exceeding, two weeks. Extensions will not be granted for longer than two weeks. Appeals detailing the extenuating circumstances surrounding the request (i.e. health-related issues, death in the family) should be made in writing two weeks prior to the last day of classes.

Freeze Tuition Rate

A student will lock-in the tuition rate of the first semester in which classes are taken as an accepted degree seeking student of TU. He/she will not be subject to tuition increases as long as he/she registers for 12 credit hours per year. If one year has elapsed since the last registration date, the student will be subject to the current tuition rate upon registration unless the student requested to be placed on stop-out status.

Stop-Out Status

A student is considered active when he/she takes a minimum of 12 hours per year. Stop-out status allows a student to take one year off of taking classes while retaining the original tuition rate. If after one year, a student on stop-out status does not register for the next semester, he/she is subject to the current tuition rate. A student should request to be put on stop-out status after completing all classes of a semester.

Academic Calendar

If you are taking classes within the semester, please review the academic calendar for important dates. While not all of the information will apply to you, be aware of the semester dates, the drop/add period, and the last date to withdraw. Click here to view the calendar.