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ATM Information

Check-cashing services are not offered by the University, but cash may be obtained by using one of the campus ATMs at the following locations:

First Merchants Bank ATM

Boren Campus Center
Located beneath the stairs near the food court cashier station

There is a $200 transaction limit. There is no transaction fee for First Merchants Bank debit cards. For non-First Merchant Bank cards there is a $3 transaction fee. It’s easy to open a First Merchants Bank checking account online. 

Star Financial Bank ATM

Hodson Dining Commons
Located near North main entrance

Full service ATM—can make deposits to Star Bank accounts. Open same hours as the DC. There is a $300 per day limit per account. There is no transaction fee if the debit card used is with Star Financial Bank, otherwise there is a $1.50 transaction fee. You may open a Star account online.

Due to recent banking regulation changes, you may need to visit the bank in person to complete your account set up.

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