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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Taylor University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee that provides oversight of all research involving human subjects. The IRB exists solely to make sure all research participants are protected from any undue harm or risk. Read the IRB Policy.

All projects involving human subjects (even exempt projects) must be submitted to the IRB in order to comply with federal regulations and university policies.

Submit a Proposal

All projects must be submitted to the IRB (even exempt projects) so the university can keep track of what research is being done.

Assuming all materials are included in the submission, exempt and expedited reviews are normally completed within one week. Full reviews require a convening of the full IRB and may take weeks or months to complete.

  1. Undergraduate student projects are to be submitted by a faculty member providing oversight for the project. The faculty member will be considered one of the principal investigators.
  2. Graduate student projects are to be submitted by a faculty member who will serve as faculty mentor for the project. The graduate student will serve as principal investigator.
  3. If you are unfamiliar with the issues and terms of human subject research, use the CITI Program Human Subjects Research Course in the appropriate concentration area (biomedical research or social & behavioral). If you have had limited training in human subject research, you are encouraged to add a copy of the certificate the tutorial provides to your submission (to demonstrate that you understand the issues involved in human subject research).

To Submit Your Project:

  1. Email a request to to be added to the IRB Organization on Blackboard. All materials will be submitted to this location.
  2. Download IRB Proposal Packet.
  3. Complete Proposal Packet.
  4. Scan and save as a PDF the signed Researcher Assurances page.
  5. Create a folder with your name in the IRB Blackboard Organization and upload the following items:
    1. Completed IRB Proposal Packet
    2. Scanned signed Researcher Assurances page
    3. Electronic copy of CITI certification
  6. Send an email informing the IRB of your proposal submission to
  7. Please allow sufficient time for review of your proposal. Most reviews are completed within one week, but can take longer due to issues raised with the proposal.

External Resources

For more information, contact Dr. Kris Johnson, Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs, at