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Two students walking and talking outside of Aryes

Career Placement

Calling and Career Office Annual Report

In the 2023 Annual Report, the graduating class was asked to respond to various survey inquiries upon graduating from Taylor. The report presents information on how many graduated students have full and part time employment, are attending graduate school, and are other/still seeking. Specific degrees conferred, graduates responding, geographical locations of graduates, success rate, and level of excellence are also evaluated in this report.

The CCO is responsible for collecting the first destination data for the University. This data captures the experiences of our graduates within the first six months after graduation. The outcomes for the graduating class of 2023 were exceptional. This data demonstrates the value of a Taylor education and should be celebrated—emblematic of the investment of many caring parents, professors, and employers. While there are many reasons Taylor graduates have success in finding after graduation, we maintain that the increased student engagement with the CCO is one key factor in that success.