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Two students walk down a stairway in the student center

Transition to College

Coming to college will be a very different experience from your last 18 or so years of life. You must learn to discipline yourself in order to get up on time for class, complete assignments, and prepare for tests.

Each professor will give you a syllabus detailing due dates for assignments, but it will be your responsibility to know when assignments are due while completing them on time. This can be intimidating at first, but with time, you’ll transition to college and be ready for your next step.

Transition to College Program

The Transition to College program at Taylor is intentionally designed to help you be as academically prepared as possible to meet the expectations you will experience in college. Although graduation is never a guarantee, the purpose of these interventions is to increase the likelihood of academic success through graduation. By way of introductory courses, this program trains students in fundamental study habits and equips them with the tools to actively engage in their college experience.

Students meeting at least one of the following criteria will be enrolled in our Transition to College program starting Fall 2025:

  • 2.71 to 2.90 high school GPA and SAT score ranging from 910 to 980
  • 2.71 to 2.90 high school GPA and CLT score ranging from 49 to 57
  • 2.71 to 2.90 high school GPA and combined ACT English and math score ranging from 33 to 40
  • 2.70 or below high school GPA
  • SAT score of 900 or below
  • CLT score of 48 or below
  • Combined ACT English and math score of 32 or below
  • High school GPA of 2.90 or below and no test scores submitted

Please contact Lance Vanderberg for additional information regarding the Transition to College program and interventions.

* The verbal score is an average: the English score plus the Writing score, divided by two.

First-Year Programming

The First-Year Experience program, including administrators, faculty, staff, and peer leaders, is committed to helping new students transition to Taylor. Our desire is that through your transition, you will become a contributing, active member of the Taylor community. We trust you will soon begin to feel at home here and will experience the Taylor community at its best.

Please contact Lisa Wallace for additional information regarding the First-Year Experience program.