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Upland Greenway Project Gets $200k Grant From Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources

  • By: James R. Garringer, Director of Media Relations
  • Published:
Town of Upland Sign

The Town of Upland has been selected to receive a $200,000 grant to establish a greenway and trail head from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. This grant is a result of a partnership between the Town of Upland, the Upland Area Greenways Association, and the William Taylor Foundation of Taylor University.

Town and university officials say the grant requires a $50,000 match, which will be achieved by the donation of land by the Upland Greenways Association and a grant from the William Taylor Foundation.

Organizers say the trail head will be located at the southeast corner of the Main Street bridge across from Upland Tire and includes a one mile trail that will head east and then south along the William Taylor Foundation land border.

According to Ron Sutherland, Upland Area Greenways Association President and Special Assistant to the President at Taylor University, the trail will accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Enhanced quality of life,
  2. Enhanced recreation opportunities,
  3. And provision of a safe place to run, walk, bicycle on a path that is closed to motor traffic.

“We believe the establishment of this trail demonstrates Upland’s commitment to attract great people and organizations to consider our wonderful community,” Sutherland said. “The grounds upon which the trail head and one-mile trail will be constructed provide a beautiful setting and we believe this project can be a prelude to additional trail and local development.”  

Town Council president John Bonham added, “It is exciting to consider that Upland is joining the growing list of communities that will have access to a greenway. We are confident the trail and greenway will be a wonderful blessing for our hometown and provides additional evidence that the Town of Upland is poised for more great improvements.”

Construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2018.

The mission of the Upland Area Greenways Association is, “To work in concert with all Town of Upland councils, organizations, and entities to enhance the quality of life in Upland by closing the gap in the Cardinal Greenway and by providing exceptional local walking and bike riding trails that create a walkable community, promote healthy living, provide better safety for the public, and improve the opportunity to attract the next generation to Upland.”