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Entrance to Taylor University

Taylor University Designated as an SAT Testing Center

  • By: Victoria Lawson
  • Published:
Taylor University Sign in front of Samuel Morris Hall

Taylor University has been designated as an official testing center for the SAT college entrance examination by the College Board. Taylor officials said this is in response to the College Board’s desire to increase the exam’s accessibility during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the College Board, many testing sites will have fewer seats due to social distancing guidelines, and they are expecting some centers to encounter unexpected closures. At-home SAT options were paused due to some households’ lack of reliable, video-quality internet for the three hour test.

An online location tool on the College Board website lists Taylor University’s testing availability on the following dates:

  • October 3, 2020
  • November 7, 2020
  • December 5, 2020
  • March 13, 2021
  • May 8, 2021
  • June 5, 2021

Taylor University Admissions announced they will move to a test-preferred but flexible enrollment model for incoming students starting in January 2021, in which applications will be reviewed with or without the submission of scores.

Instead, students may be asked to share alternative information, such as recommendations from high school English and/or Mathematics teachers or English course placement based on completed AP courses.