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Entrance to Taylor University

Taylor University Admissions Moving to Test-Preferred, But Flexible Enrollment Model

  • By: Jim Garringer
  • Published:
Taylor University Entrance Wall

Taylor University Admissions will move to a test-preferred, but flexible model for incoming students starting in January 2021.

The move is the latest in a growing trend of colleges and universities across the nation who have announced either discontinuance or modification of the role standardized tests play in their admissions decision.

 According to Taylor officials, applications will be reviewed with or without the submission of scores. “Higher education institutions have relied on ACT, SAT, or CLT for years to measure proficiencies, coursework placement, and merit scholarship qualifications,” said Nathan W. Baker, Interim Chief Enrollment Officer. “We recognize these test scores are only part of a student’s story, which is why we holistically consider a student in making an admission decision.”

Students who cannot or choose not to submit test scores may be asked to share more information, including:

  • Recommendations from high school English and/or Mathematics teachers
  • Complete an academic questionnaire (high school GPA at or below 2.9)
  • English course placement based on completed AP courses or writing sample
  • Complete Taylor University proficiency exams in Reading and/or Mathematics

“This change in policy formally enables a student to submit material that best reflects their ability to succeed in college while still continuing to support test-taking as an option,” added Baker. “We are eager to continue shaping the next generation of servant-leaders from a variety of academic experiences.”