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two actors in a production of macbeth

Taylor Theatre Presents Macbeth

  • By: Carolyne Paschal
  • Published:
artistic poster for Macbeth play

Photos courtesy of Chloe Gard.

William Shakespeare’s Macbeth will be presented on February 24-25 and March 3-4 at 7 pm, and February 26 and March 5 at 2 pm in Mitchell Theatre, located in Rupp Communication Arts Center.

Israel Smith is cast as Macbeth and is joined by Eleana Manning as Lady Macbeth. When three witches (Eva Reitzig, Roneisha Jackson, and Claire Vock) predict that Macbeth will soon become king, a world of avarice, fear, and betrayal is unlocked. In a tangle of twists and turns, uncertainty gives way to paranoia, and paranoia to murder. But riddles and prophecies are not enough to protect the treacherous king, and in the end, Macbeth must reckon with the crimes he has committedand their consequences.

“Fear is mentioned three times more often in Macbeth than in any other Shakespeare play,” says director Tracy Manning, who also is an Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts. “And when the word ‘love’ is spoken it’s usually connected to murder.”

In the repercussions of Macbeth’s choices, Manning says, “he creates this world where values are inverted, where we’re confused, where “fair is foul and foul is fair. It’s a love story where ‘all is the fear and nothing is the love.’”

Come face to face with tragedy on a monumental scaleon a scale that impacts a whole country.

Tickets are $15 for general admission, $12 for Taylor employees/alumni, and $7 for students. Purchase tickets by contacting the Box Office at 765-998-5289 or

CREATIVE TEAM: Tracy Manning (Director), Cory Rodeheaver (Set Design), Kevin Gawley (Light Design), Scott Russell (Combat Choreographer), Todd Syswerda (Original Compositions)

CAST: Israel Smith (Macbeth), Eleana Manning (Lady Macbeth), Steven Day (Macduff), Cade Rogers (Banquo), Claire Vock (Lady Macduff & Weyard Sister 1), Caroline Gilmer (Ross), Angie Destefano (Angus & Porter), Marco Aguirre (Lennox), Roneisha Jackson (Weyard Sister 2), Eva Reitzig (Weyard Sister 3), Gavin Kastner (Malcom, Murderer), Ris Bland (Donalbain, Murderer), James Eibel (Duncan, Murderer, Doctor), Zach Marcum (Fleance), Mason Yordy (Boy Macduff), Amelia Jones (Gentlewoman/Servant)

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