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Taylor Students Present Research at Butler Conference

  • Published: Apr 17, 2015 12:00AM

Eleven students from Taylor University's Departments of History and Political Science traveled to Butler University Friday, April 10, to participate in the Undergraduate Research Conference.

Each student presented significant research and scholarship at the conference either individually or in a group.

The students and their presentation titles are as follows:

Department of History

Wilson Alexander – Realizing the Promise: A Comparison of Minority Efforts for Political Equality in Mississippi and San Francisco

Courtney Selle – Understanding the Motivations of Freedom Summer Freedom School Teachers

Caitlin Recard – An Unlikely Weapon: The Story of “Saigon Execution” and Its Impact on Eddie Adams

Jayne Reinhiller – Holding on to Culture: The Effects of the 1837 Smallpox Epidemic on Mandan and Hidatsa

Mark Glenchur – Script & Self

Preston Phillips – America’s Pastime: Baseball’s Effect on Morale During World War II

Department of Political Science

Max Price, Tyler Amann, Derek Sanson, Chin Ai Oh, and Charlie Richert – State and Local Leadership Capacity: Using Content Analysis to Examine the Nexus between Spirituality and Public Sector Administrative Leadership Development

Faculty sponsors for the Department of History Students were Drs. Steve Messer and Alan Winquist. Students with the Department of Political Science were sponsored by Dr. Stephen King.

The Undergraduate Research Conference has been held annually since 1988 with a commitment to high quality undergraduate education and student success in scholarship and research. This year’s conference was the 27th annual showcase with almost 1,000 participants from 58 different colleges and universities across 16 states. There were 600 presentations given at the conference.