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Student Engagement in History, Global and Political Studies

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Students from the History, Global and Political Studies Department

The History, Global & Political Studies department helps students challenge assumptions, make connections, and apply historical knowledge to contemporary current issues. Faculty are deeply committed to prompting their students to join in career development opportunities like research groups, the American Studies Program, and Taylor’s chapter of the American Enterprise Institute Council. Here are some examples of how a students put their academic credentials to work. 

Each year, HGPS students present their research at the Butler Undergraduate Research Conference in April.

“The Butler Undergraduate Research Conference gave me a chance to present research from one of my classes to a wider audience. Going to the URC gave me valuable experience that will help me know what works well for future presentations at other conferences.”—Rachel


The Shared Hope JuST Response 2019 conference featured a wide range of critical topics relating to human trafficking.

"This conference dove into issues of human trafficking beyond the surface level of advocacy. We were treated as persons educated in the issue and expected to have some background in the area. This was refreshing as individuals who have been passionate about fighting this injustice for some time. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to connect with professionals in various fields currently fighting for victims of human trafficking and walking with them through recovery. Sessions covered topics from the history of law and trafficking to current therapies used with survivors. We also had the privilege to hear from several survivors themselves who have transformed their lives and now fight for others still enslaved."—Bree

The Interfaith Leadership Institute is the largest gathering of students and educators with a commitment to American religious pluralism.

"The invitation to foster reconciliation and restorative relationships in our communities may have been laid out by Jesus over two thousand years ago, but he calls us just as strongly to bridge the gap and create a better future today."—Carissa


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