Fractured Identity

Published: December 16, 2015

Shawn Lashbrook's journey to (and through) Taylor involved a broken back, the football team, and a willingness to learn an important lesson about identity.

Rehearsing with Dr. Rediger

Published: November 30, 2015

Dr. JoAnn Rediger shares her passion for excellence in every Chorale rehearsal.

Discipled through Chaos

Published: September 08, 2015

A summer internship at Denver's Champa House and the loss of her grandfather challenge Kara Diemer and her ideas about discipleship.

Kick-starting Memory: With the help of peers and mentors, Will Severns' startup launches to aid Scripture memorization

Published: June 02, 2015

Will Severns' launches Membands, an entrepreneurial endeavor aimed at strengthening Scripture memorization.

A playground for Betsy: Taylor's ReaLife ministry builds a playground for the Boys and Girls Club and children of Marion, Ind.

Published: June 02, 2015

Taylor's ReaLife children's ministry builds a playground for the Boys and Girls Club of Grant County in memory of Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith '06.

A Bible for the Aché

Published: February 16, 2015

Fall 2014, Taylor representatives brought newly printed Bibles to the Aché tribe in Paraguay, after beginning a partnership with the Seed Company more than five years earlier. This is the story of the partnership: how it came to be, who was involved, and how God has used it to bring His Word to another people group.