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Entrance to Taylor University

Senior Stories: Business

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Taylor University Entrance Wall

Taylor wouldn’t be Taylor without amazing students. Developing servant-leaders marked with a passion to minister Christ’s redemptive love is why we are here. Students seeking to serve through many different fields and careers are participating in this Senior Stories series to share how God has used Taylor in their lives.  

Taylor’s Business Program

Recognized as one of Taylor’s top programs, Business includes several majors, like Accounting and Management. We focus on learning to minister Christ’s redemptive love in a variety of workplaces and roles. You can find our savvy, caring students gaining experience in internships around the nation and the world.

Meet a couple of seniors graduating from our Business program:


Name: Chin Yi Oh ’20
Major: Accounting and Finance
Hometown: Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia 

Why did you choose to attend Taylor and select your major?

Taylor actually was not my first choice, I had decided on another university, but I kept feeling restless and uneasy with my decision. My heart felt conflicted and after much prayer and time alone, I told my parents that I chose Taylor. And God has shown me time and time again that Taylor is where He wanted me to be. I chose my majors because I was interested in accounting and I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

What people have had the greatest impact on you during your time at Taylor? Why?

These peers and staff are who made my Taylor experience amazing, growing and fruitful. I was blessed with friends who are far mature beyond their age, showed me the beauty in community, vulnerability and what it means to come to the table as believers. As an international student, they made me feel welcomed. An amazing blessing Taylor has given me are the staff who I can call friends and mentors. From hall directors to professors to administrators, I have been blessed to know them personally, mentored, and be challenged by them to grow and lead. 

How have foundational core classes impacted you?

Foundational core classes broadened my worldview and understanding of the topics that are not in my immediate interests. Some core classes that have impacted me the most are the biblical classes, especially Contemporary and Historic Christian Belief. These classes challenged me as a person in this world and a follower of Christ. It helped me grow my faith and learn what it means to truly desire God’s heart. 

Anything else you’d like to add?

Taylor is not perfect, but God is perfect and He is very present in this place and strengthening believers here. Throughout my four years, I have clearly seen myself grow, struggle, lead, learn and love. Though hard, I would not have it any other way because I’m walking away with life-long friends, a renewed faith and a heart to serve and love. 


Name: Kurtis Hochstetler ’20
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Middlebury, IN 

Why did you choose to attend Taylor?

I can still remember stepping on to campus and feeling at home. I quickly realized how special of a place Taylor was in my interactions with professors and students on the visit. I could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit and genuineness in every interaction I was able to have. A few weeks later I came on another visit, this time with the football team. I remember receiving an opportunity for a scholarship on the visit. Football was the last sport I was planning on playing, but I ended up signing with the team on that visit. I remember driving home extremely confused but later realizing that it was a simple blessing that God used to bring me to Taylor. 

How have foundational core classes impacted you?

Looking back, I realize that how I have learned is more important than what...Some of my most impactful classes have been the foundation core classes, especially the biblical literature classes. I came from a home in which everyone viewed the world through the same lenses. The foundational core classes wrecked my view freshman year. At first, it was difficult but by my sophomore year I was able to see the truth of God’s word with deeper clarity. I remember my first time critically thinking about heaven in the foundations class with Dr. Cramer. I had never been able to think creatively with others on the beautiful Kingdom that awaits us. Rather, I had been stuck in my own box of thinking. 

What’s something you learned through an internship experience? 

The firm had merged with an Indianapolis firm, where I lived and worked for the entire semester. I was able to gain real world experience in the work that I did but also learn about what life will be like after graduation. The internship counted as my practicum. The practicum piece was essential to my growth as I would turn in weekly memos on the work I completed as well as critically think through topics such as worshiping Jesus in the workplace...The busy season internship was the most practical and authentic internship I could have completed. The Taylor accounting program has a wonderful program that gives students the opportunity to do busy season internships!

In what ways do you feel prepared for your future because of your Taylor experience?

I am amazed at the ways in which God has used Taylor to impact my heart. Taylor has been the best place to learn and grow as a man who desires to first see the Kingdom of God grow and second be an excellent professional wherever I am called...Taylor is not for the student who does not wish to change or grow. Taylor is only for the student who wishes to do so. Every class that I have taken has either challenged me or encouraged me in one facet or another to think critically...The incredible community at Taylor has cultivated a deeper understanding of what relationship truly means. 

Any advice for students considering attending Taylor?

As a high school student I tended to look at statistics and rankings of schools and their programs first. Connections are your best friend, not the rankings and prowess of a degree. Thankfully, I found a place where I have been able to make the greatest connections I could have as well as earn a top-notch degree at a school that consistently sets the standard of higher education...I would advise any freshman to look past the resume and ask personal questions. 


Name: Mason Degenkolb ’20
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Tipton, IN 

Why did you choose to attend Taylor and select your major?

I chose Taylor because I wanted to go somewhere I could be pushed not only as an athlete and as a student, but also in my pursuit of Christ. Specifically, I chose Accounting at Taylor because it was an area that I excelled in and feel that I can impact the Kingdom with my future work.

How have foundational core classes impacted you?

I think that foundational core classes have really shaped me to become an individual who has knowledge about several areas of the world today. More importantly, many of the foundational core classes have prepared me in areas of faith so that I am able to not only speak to others about Christianity, but also have insight into areas of life that I wouldn’t have experienced elsewhere.

What advice would you give a high school student who is considering entering your major at Taylor?

My advice to a high school student seeking to be an Accounting major at Taylor is to come in prepared to work hard and come with an open mind about the ways your major can impact the world and those around for the better.