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Orr Fellowship Builds Career Foundation for Recent Graduates

Orr Fellowship Builds Career Foundation for Recent Graduates

  • By: Emily Kozlowski
  • Published:
Erin Cozad

Last spring, three students from Taylor’s class of 2020 were invited to join the Orr Fellowship Program. This two-year fellowship is a unique postgrad opportunity in Indianapolis that equips recent college graduates with essential skills and experience to build a foundation for a successful career. 

Every year, thousands of university students in Indiana and beyond apply for the fellowship, yet only 6% are accepted. Erin Cozad ‘20 was one of few who were accepted into this competitive fellowship program. She studied Public Relations during her time at Taylor and transitioned into the Orr Fellowship after graduation. 

Like many seniors, Cozad entered into her final year not knowing where she would be after graduation. In her senior capstone class, Cozad learned about the Orr Fellowship opportunity and was attracted to the idea of job security right out of college. 

“I didn’t really have a sense of where I’d be after graduation before I considered Orr. So far, this program has been exactly what I needed to figure out what I like doing and what I’m best at,” Cozad said. 

What is Orr?

The Orr Fellowship is a two-year program with the mission to develop the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Cozad described it as “a program for young professionals to work alongside other young professionals in Indy to learn and gain as much experience as possible in the first two years of their career.” 

In addition to the career aspect of the fellowship and the personal and professional development it offers, Cozad values the community in her transition from college life to her career. 

“It’s so unique compared to any other job opportunity you might get right out of college,” Cozad said.

A Day in the Life of an Orr Fellow 

Working as a Communications Specialist for Kiwanis International, Cozad communicates information through various mediums and ensures cohesion in the clubs she is involved in. Over the course of two years, she will explore various roles in her company and learn what roles she thrives in most. 

As a Communications Specialist, some of Cozad’s responsibilities involve writing press releases and social media/blog posts, adapting Kiwanis’s communication and marketing plans, and managing various projects. Outside of work, Cozad’s involvements with Orr include working on the Public Relations team and content team and recruiting the next class of fellows. 

Prepared for the Future

Cozad feels that Taylor prepared her well for her current role at Kiwanis International. “The biggest way Taylor prepared me for my career has been by teaching me not only hard skills but also soft skills and how to produce good work and be a hard worker.” During her time at Taylor, Cozad was involved in the marketing and advertising team for The Echo, Taylor’s student newspaper, and played on the softball team. 

Cozad appreciates the value of a Christian Liberal Arts education as she dives into her post-college career. “At Taylor, you take so many different classes because of Liberal Arts. I think that these classes translate over really well into a job and or a program like Orr right after graduation.” 

Her advice to prospective and current students? “Keep an open mind and appreciate the liberal arts curriculum that ultimately develops you into a more well-rounded individual and future employee.”

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