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Center for Ethics Hosts Conversation on Animal Welfare and Christian Ethics

  • Published: Sep 22, 2015 2:45PM

Taylor University’s Center for Ethics will host A Conversation on Animal Welfare and Christian Ethics Tuesday, October 6, from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. The event is sponsored by Every Living Thing, a national campaign for the Evangelical Statement on Responsible Care for Animals.

Organizers say the goal of the event is to educate attendees on the Evangelical legacy of animal welfare, show how the Statement on Responsible Care for Animals embodies the best of compassionate and conscious living within a Christian worldview, and explore how this issue can be recaptured in a compelling way by various segments of Evangelicals (scholars, pastors, congregations, students, etc.) by educating faculty, community outreach, and encouraging college students to cultivate the conversation in their communities and through their social platforms.

The Conversation on Animal Welfare and Christian Ethics will give students, faculty and members of our community an opportunity to enter into a discussion of how a biblical understanding of creation encourages a compassionate position on the care and treatment of animals,” said Dr. Stephen Phillips, Director of Taylor’s Center for Ethics. “While many in our society care about how animals are treated, this discussion will help us see why Christians have solid reasons for caring about the treatment of animals. It will demonstrate one of the ways that our faith should impact how we live.”

Speakers include:

  • Reasa Currier, Humane Society of the United States
  • Dr. Charles Arand, Member of HSUS Faith Advisory Council and Professor at Concordia Theological Seminary, St. Louis
  • Dr. Jim Spiegel, Taylor University Center for Ethics
  • Abby Skeans, The Clapham Group

In addition to the spoken presentations, there will be a time for Q & A.

The Conversation on Animal Welfare and Christian Ethics will be held in the Recital Hall of the Smith-Hermanson Music Building on the Taylor campus.