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Entrance to Taylor University

Campus-wide Blood Drive Highlights Random Acts of Kindness Week at Taylor

  • By: Braden Ochs
  • Published:
Taylor University Entrance Wall

A campus-wide blood drive in the Kesler Student Activities Center will be held Wednesday, February 20, from 9 am–2 pm, during Taylor University’s Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week.

It marks the second time Taylor has partnered with the Indiana Blood Center (IBC) to host the event. In 2018, 64 students participated, and 48 red cell products were collected, impacting 105 patients, according to Lily Walter, the Taylor student liaison with IBC. She and other organizers say they hope to increase that number this year.

“As Christine Crane (of IBC) said to me many times, ‘giving blood is the ultimate act of kindness,’” said Walter.

This year, Walter has worked with Jennifer Bean, another representative of IBC, to host Taylor’s blood drive as they have recruited, promoted, and planned the event.

“Students actually care about this thing that I’m doing, and they care about people whom they’ve never and probably will never meet,” said Walter. “[Crane] said she was impressed by the participation we had last year, considering it was the first blood drive. I wasn’t impressed; I was proud.”

People can schedule their appointments online: