Mathematics, Data, & Systems Major

Evaluate and Interpret Complex Data

Analyze complex systems and solve real-world problems through the analysis of data.  From the economy, scientific fields, nonprofit organizations and business ventures to sports and entertainment, we are increasingly reliant on data. With a degree in Mathematics, Data, & Systems, you’ll study statistics, mathematics, computer science, and data science to gain the skills needed to evaluate and interpret data. 

The Mathematics, Data, & Systems major combines a solid theoretical foundation with practical application that can lead to continuing your education in a wide variety of disciplines or to move directly into a diverse professional landscape. Data science, and its associated fields, is one of the fastest growing employment opportunities in the world. A strong demand in the job market—combined with a shortage of people trained in data science—means you’ll have opportunities in all sectors of society. It’s no wonder that 100% of our students are employed or accepted into graduate school six months after graduation.

More Than a Numbers Game

At Taylor University, you’ll study more than preparing for a strong career in data science. You’ll understand that it’s not just a numbers game; there are real people behind the data. With a Christian perspective, we teach about stewardship of data usage. You’ll understand how the job you do directly impacts the livelihoods of others, and the importance of keeping in mind the people behind the numbers.

Internships and class projects plan a critical role in preparing students for life post-college. Our students complete internships at NASA, National Security Agency, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Samaritan’s Purse, insurance companies, Water for Good, State of Indiana Department of Workforce Development, State of Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and many more. 

Earn Actuary Certificate

Actuaries work for insurance companies in risk management and assessment. At Taylor, students can take the first two required exams to become an actuary while pursuing your major. You can start your sophomore year, mentored by experienced faculty as you study the additional information necessary. All majors are welcome to pursue becoming an actuary, including Finance, Accounting, and other related fields. 

Minor in Data Science

Interested in data and systems but don’t want to major in it? Our Data Science minor allows you to take classes that will give you a practical foundation to data science through the data analysis cycle of data of acquisition, cleaning, transforming, modeling, and interpretation.

Mathematics, Data, & Systems Curriculum & Degree Options

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Dr. Jeremy Case, Department Chair & Professor of Mathematics