Mathematics Computer Science Education Major

Prepare to Teach Math and Computer Science

Gain a deep understanding of math and and computer science—and how to apply it to the classroom. This program combines a robust Mathematics and Computer Science curriculum with exemplary, hands-on preparation for teaching at either the middle or high school level.

At Taylor, we believe that we can use these scientific fields to seek God’s truth, steward God’s kingdom, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mathematics and computer science play a central role in today’s digital age in reaching our world in need. By preparing for a teaching position in these areas, you have the opportunity to be a part of that mission. Secondary teachers who are able to teach both mathematics and computer science are in high demand, and Mathematics Computer Science Education graduates can make an impact by instilling an understanding and passion for numbers and problem solving in those you teach. 

Classroom Experience Starts Freshman Year

After studying computer science and mathematics, including linear algebra, advanced calculus, statistics, data science, and more, you will apply your knowledge to the classroom. Taylor’s education program will prepare you to teach through student teaching, practicums and classroom observations that start your freshman year, educational technology, and classes in psychology and classroom management. Building more classroom responsibilities over four years, you’ll complete a full semester of student teaching during your senior year. Student teachers will have two different placements, with opportunities to teach abroad.

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Ready for a changing educational landscape

After graduation and passing the licensure exams, you’ll be licensed to teach both math and computer science in the State of Indiana. Indiana recently has begun requiring computer education to K-12 grade levels. Taylor is just one of five colleges in Indiana offering this combined Mathematics and Computer Science degree program, and the only Christian college on the list. This degree is highly employable with significant growth potential, both as a teacher or in an industry career. 

Mathematics Computer Science Education Curriculum & Degree Options

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