You'll start Film and Media Production classes as a first-semester freshman.

Film & Media Production Major

Visual Storytelling for Film, Television, and Video

Joining Taylor’s Film and Media Production program means becoming a part of an award-winning film, television and video production program–450+ recognitions and film festival acceptances, a record seventeen nominations for Student Production Awards from the Lower Great Lakes Emmy organization in 2021.

Any good film program teaches you the skills you need–screenwriting, cinematography, directing, producing, editing, sound design, and more–but far fewer do that through the intentional lens of Christian faith. At Taylor, you’ll be integrated into a filmmaking community, developing your gifts to a professional level and discovering how to combine visual storytelling with your faith in Christ.

Prepare Professionally in Award-Winning Christian College Film Program

You’ll start production classes in your first semester. During your time in the film program, you’ll shoot on exceptional technology, including Sony’s FS-5 and FS-7 for non-fiction projects and RED Weapon 8K cameras for fiction filmmaking. You’ll gain technical skills with software like Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, ProTools for audio, After Effects for motion graphics and DaVinci Resolve for color grading. For live production work, you’ll be in our studio with cameras, teleprompters, green screen, and a Cam-Mate jib. Expand your knowledge with the aesthetics, ethics, professional practices and business of visual storytelling. By senior year, you’ll have an impressive portfolio of work, demonstrating to employers the depth of your experience.

At Taylor, you'll join one of the best award-winning Christian college film programs in the country. Four Taylor University films were recent winners in the National Student Production Awards, hosted by College Broadcasters Inc., including first place in the Short Film - Fiction and Short Film - Nonfiction categories. CBI is one of three organizations that recognize the best in college media nationally.

Work with Great Mentors

Our faculty are award-winning production professionals and filmmakers with an impressive list of film festival acceptances and industry recognition. Nearly all faculty projects involve students on the crew, and your own projects will benefit from direct faculty mentorship. Taylor’s film faculty have a distinct calling to equip you as a visual storyteller.

Explore Multiple Interests

Taylor’s Film & Media Production program is far from one-size-fits-all. We have students whose passion is the entertainment industry. If that’s you, consider applying to Taylor’s own Hollywood Internship Program.

If you’re passionate about fiction filmmaking you’ll have lots of opportunities to make films on campus using professional gear and collaborating with your classmates. Explore the world of independent filmmaking by traveling to the Sundance Film Festival trip in January.

Another plus is Taylor’s intentional commitment to documentary, non-fiction storytelling. Whether it’s an outdoor adventure film, the story of a life transformed by Christ or a tale too incredible to be true, Taylor prepares non-fiction storytellers to tell real people’s stories that can impact culture.

Perhaps you’ve thought about joining a creative advertising or marketing agency that creates great video content. Taylor’s program is especially good at preparing students to do video production for business clients, a field poised to grow significantly in the next ten years.

Taylor’s Film & Media Production program also equips you to use your skills in ministry/missions organizations or other not-for-profit organizations. If that’s your passion, consider signing up for one of our international production trips, joining the chapel production crew or interning with an organization whose passion you share.

Visit Taylor during one of our film-focused preview events. See the best Taylor film work of the year at Taylor’s Envision Film Festival in March (and consider entering some of your best work in our high school competition!). Check out our YouTube site to see lots of previous award-winning student work. For more information on our opportunities, visit our Art and Film at Taylor page.

See For Yourself

Listen to Professor Kathy Bruner explain how a Taylor degree will prepare you to fulfill your passions and advance God’s kingdom.

Get an Insider’s View of Your Classes

Here’s just a sampling of the courses you can take as a Film & Media Production major. Play the videos to hear from recent students who took the class

  • Creating (Fiction)
    Narrative Filmmaking
    Bring to life your final film project with a team of talented classmates. Conceptualize, write, storyboard, cast, light, direct, shoot, edit, sweeten audio, and color grade a festival-ready film.
  • Creating (Nonfiction)
    Documentary Filmmaking
    Create a festival-ready documentary with a small team consisting of a producer / director, cinematographer, and editor. You’ll follow a true story from pre-production to post and get to know your subjects intimately.

    Producing for Clients
    Join a team as producer, director, or editor and you’ll spend a semester working with a professional organization. Develop a project for promotional or marketing purposes like this award-winning promo.
  • Editing
    Post-Production Methods
    In this class, aspiring editors attain Avid Media Composer certification and experience color grading using DaVinci Resolve.
  • Shooting
    Directing and Cinematography
    Learn the most advanced equipment, when to use which tools depending on the story, and how to interact with actors. You’ll never be able to watch a film the same way again after this class.

    Learn the safe and professional use of the Steadicam®, one of the film industry’s well-known camera stabilization devices.

    Multi-Camera Live Production
    Learn the process and techniques of making live television programming in a state of the art studio setting. You’re the director and your classmates are your crew. You can’t go back and fix it; it’s all live!
  • Writing
    Learn writing styles and formats for fiction and nonfiction scripting. You’ll develop scripts for clients, documentaries, short films, and television series, as well as hone your creativity and accuracy as a writer.
  • Senior Capstone
    Senior Capstone
    The Film Senior Capstone class prepares students to transition from college to full-time employment. Hear how two seniors used what they learned in the class to get that first job after Taylor.

Film & Media Production Curriculum & Degree Options

Contact for Film Program

Kathy Bruner, Art, Film & Media Department Co-Chair

Judy Kirkwood, Program Assistant for Theatre & Film