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Earn a Counseling Minor at Taylor University



Equipped to Help People in Crisis

Our world is in desperate need of compassionate men and women who know how to listen and have a genuine desire to help people process the difficulties of life, and share the hope in Jesus Christ. Taylor’s whole-person approach to teaching Counseling provides a Christian liberal arts understanding of the field of psychology. With a Counseling Minor, you’ll acquire skills in listening, empathy, and genuineness while gaining theoretical and practical knowledge of psychology and mental health wellness in a Biblically anchored and compassionate manner.

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Careers and Counseling

This minor will prepare you with strong skills and abilities to enter the world of work and ministry. A Counseling Minor will prepare you to work in people-focused professions where an aptitude for listening, understanding, and helping is important, particularly ministry, education, human resources, and coupled with a psychology major, clinical work as a behavioral technician. It’s also excellent preparation for graduate school.

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Matching a Counseling Minor with a Major

A Counseling Minor can pair well with ministry-focused majors such as Christian Ministries, Youth Ministries, and Orphans and Vulnerable Children. This minor would also be a strong augment to Pre-Art Therapy, any Education major, Pre-Med or Pre-Health Sciences, Psychology, Public Health, Social Work, or Sport Management.

Counseling Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog.

Foundational Core

The Foundational Core classes will give you a big-picture view of how your calling connects with God's purpose for your life, engaging with ideas that will demonstrate how God has given you certain talents and skills to bring healing to the world. You’ll become a well-versed individual, equipped with critical thinking skills, a lifelong love of learning, and an appreciation for God's creation.

View Foundational Core Curriculum.

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