Biology Education Major

Breathing Life into Education

Are you called to pass on your knowledge of biology? A degree in Biology Education will train you to educate youth in the wonders of creation. The Biology Science Education major is designed to prepare you as both a biologist and as a middle or high school teacher. The various classes you take from the core Biology curriculum will thoroughly train you in cellular and molecular biology, anatomy and physiology, genetics, developmental biology, and ecology, giving Biology Education majors the option to pursue teaching college biology classes or finding another biology career.

By the time you graduate, you will have already taught a full semester of biology to real students, either domestically or abroad, in two different schools and grade levels.

From Our Classroom to Yours

Education courses will teach you to create a classroom atmosphere suitable for Biology students to learn and grow. You will master essential classroom procedures, such as lesson structures, student engagement, discipline, forms and approaches of assessment, and classroom management. By performing research-oriented labs with state-of-the-art lab equipment and learning lab fundamentals, our Biology Education majors also will be ready to create and conduct their own labs. Additionally, you will learn how communicate scientific concepts relative to students’ grade level and learning development.

Both education and biology will come together when you learn to address moral and ethical interactions between science and society and explain difficult scientific concepts to students who might not be scientifically wired.

Biology Education Curriculum & Degree Options

Students interested in course descriptions and academic policies can check out our Undergraduate Catalog here.

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