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Professor Teaching a Master of Arts in Ministry Class.

Degree Requirements & Curriculum

The Taylor University Master of Arts in Ministry (MAM) program lays the groundwork for ministry practitioners in the classical rubrics of ministry to stir their imaginations for ministry application in an expanding cultural horizon. You will be able to complete your ministry curriculum for your graduate degree and find your place in ministry.

Please note: The Master of Arts in Ministry degree is not a Bible, Hebrew/Greek, or theology degree. It is a hands-on ministry development degree, where students can explore ministry and find their vocation while participating in ministry.

MAM courses are taught by Taylor University faculty members as the students work throughout their Residency. The hours residents serve in their Residency positions count as credits toward the master’s degree.

Courses are 8 weeks long, with residents meeting once a week in a face-to-face seminar style format. With 16 weeks per semester, students study a variety of information in a short time. Students must have access to a personal computer or mobile device capable of word processing and internet access. Practicum credit can apply for current ministry work toward the degree. View tuition and funding details.

Check out the Master’s in Ministry curriculum guide and catalog below.