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MAHE Students Celebrating.

Why Choose MAHE at Taylor University?

The reputation and credibility of the MAHE program draws students from all over the country and even around the world. MAHE students learn from professors and professionals in the field of higher education in a Christian environment that cultivates community and discipleship.

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How Will I Benefit Academically From Taylor’s MAHE Program?

Our faculty is comprised of experienced and highly-qualified professors who wholly invest in their students and the courses they teach. Taylor students are trained using the scholar-practitioner model. Key components of this model are thoughtful research and interactive classroom instruction with faculty and peers. This enables you to gain the knowledge, skills, values, and practical experiences necessary to deliver effective practices in higher education. You will complete a master’s thesis, which provides an excellent opportunity to make a scholarly contribution to the field of higher education. All credit hours are completed on campus in a traditional classroom setting.

What Experience Will I Gain Outside of the Classroom?

At Taylor, we value practical learning through assistantships. Because of this, every full-time MAHE student is guaranteed an assistantship while in the two-year program. This provides incredible learning opportunities and field experience for you as well as the undergraduate students whom you will be leading and serving.

You will also have the unique opportunity to participate in a 2-week study abroad experience in Wales as a capstone to the international higher education course. You will attend the Society for Research in Higher Education conference and annual meetings, and visit universities in the United Kingdom. This experience helps deepen your global understanding in ways that will equip you to serve and support the growing realm of international higher education.

What Makes Taylor’s MAHE Program Unique?

Though you will be entering an academically rigorous environment, you are also entering one of the most supportive and vibrant communities of which you will ever be a part. The sense of camaraderie, care, challenge, and collaboration that occurs among the cohorts of MAHE is truly amazing.

The MAHE program utilizes the cohort model, providing a distinctive learning experience with a small group of peers. Students come from a variety of institutions including small private colleges, large public universities, and institutions in between. These unique geographical and educational backgrounds bring significant diversity of experiences and perspectives to classroom discussion and interaction and contribute greatly to the cohort model.

We see this element as an essential part of how we encourage one another to seek the life to which God has called us. Living life together at Taylor provides educational, personal, relational, and spiritual accountability presenting growth opportunities we need to truly follow Christ.