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A Group of Adult Guests in the STU during an Event.

Office of Intercultural Leadership and Church Relations

We believe all Taylor students are better prepared for the future by interacting with a diverse global community. The Office of Intercultural Leadership and Church Relations works with all departments and the President’s office to aid faculty, staff, current and future students, as well as churches and church leaders, to build connections on campus that will make them more effective intercultural leaders and Christ-followers.

Here’s how we approach the work.

God is the Author of Diversity

We were made in Imago Dei, in the image of our Creator. God is a diverse creator, and diversity is worthy of celebration with God. When we recognize and celebrate His work, we help the Taylor community become closer to the image of our Creator.

Build on Strengths

Diversity is not a problem to be overcome, but something to celebrate. Through a mutual exchange of ideas and abilities, we want to approach diversity from a place of building on our strengths.

Celebrate and Engage

The Office of Intercultural Programs, which is under the leadership of Intercultural Leadership and Church Relations, provides leadership to ten student and scholar organizations, many of which produce events that celebrate diversity through food, music, dancing, and engaging with ideas or cultures. In addition, we also work to engage through hard times—during periods of national racial tensions, tragedies, and recognizing events of historical significance.

Recognize the Struggle

We are not naive to the struggle for minority students to live their lives free of racism or hurtful/ignorant comments and behaviors. Even at Taylor, our community is not immune from that. We are proactive in taking real steps to eradicate racism, both institutional and personal, and educating in the case of ignorance.

Practice Hospitality

Taylor should be a welcoming place for everyone, where students of all races and ethnic backgrounds feel safe and accepted. We look at every place on campus—from chapel to classrooms—to consider how we are demonstrating hospitality in each location.

Scholarship Opportunities

Taylor is deeply committed to making college affordable to minority students, and supporting them while they are studying on campus. Act 6 Scholarship Program is just one of our programs that gives minority students from inner-city Chicago and Indianapolis the opportunity to earn a Christian liberal arts degree at Taylor. Watch the video below to learn more:

Training Initiatives

Intercultural Leadership and Church Relations staff provide multicultural training for each department on campus. This training is designed to encourage individuals and teams to consider how their perspectives and mindsets impact their view of others from a multicultural standpoint.

Church Relations

The college years are critical periods of spiritual growth and change in the lives of students. Through offering campus spaces to meet and resources to help student-church connections, we assist pastors in partnering with the education and spiritual growth of college students and young adults.

Contact Intercultural Leadership and Church Relations

Gregory Dyson

Vice President for Intercultural Leadership and Church Relations

  • MS, Organizational Leadership, Cairn University (2016)
  • BA, Bible, Cedarville University (1998)
  • Diploma, Biblical Studies, Word of Life Bible Institute (1985)
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Ron Korfmacher

Director of Church Relations

  • MA, Executive Development, Ball State University (1990)
  • BA, Business Administration, Taylor University (1982)
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Elissa Bennett, Program Assistant for Intercultural Leadership and Church Relations

Reporting Harassment or Discrimination