Students at Taylor have access to 24/7 health services.

Student Health Services


TaylorCare is Taylor University's 24/7 medical clinic and mental health support. All residential students have access to virtual medical and mental health. Students can access visits from any web-enabled device—smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. TaylorCare providers can discuss, diagnose and treat a wide range of common conditions. Through a virtual or phone visit, students and the provider can decide the best course of treatment.

Some common conditions TaylorCare can help with are: colds, sinus infections, UTIs, flu, allergies and anxiety.

Mental Health: TaylorCare uses TalkNow, which is a mental health support. Students can discuss anything from general anxiety, loss of a family member and/or a critical situation. When you log in to TaylorCare, just click on TalkNow, and you'll be connected with a professional. TalkNow is not designed for ongoing counseling. If you would like to discuss ongoing counseling, please reach out to the Taylor University Counseling Center at for some options.

COVID-19 Testing: For COVID-19 testing, students can speak with a TaylorCare provider to determine if a screen is required or what additional next steps to take. TaylorCare providers will refer to local testing locations. Students are expected to separate yourself from other people while you await test results (quarantine). Students needing to isolate will be encouraged to travel home if possible. We will also have on-campus locations available if traveling home is not possible. We anticipate isolating those who may have been in contact with a sick individual in accordance with local and state guidelines.