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Facade of Gerig Hall

Gerig Hall

Originally named South Hall and given its current name in 1986, Gerig is a four-story hall for about 100 students and now adjoins with Breuninger Hall. The first floor features a lounge, kitchen, and homey lobby area. The women are housed on the second and third floors, and the men live on the fourth floor. Gerig’s small, close-knit community is enhanced by the hall’s open suite layout, with five living areas on each floor that are surrounded by three or four rooms each.

The unique design of the hall results in two large, winding, central stairwells. The students have found this to be a great location for all hall worship—the stairwell blends and magnifies students’ voices in a special acoustic experience. Because of Gerig’s family-style atmosphere, family-dinner type events are common, along with Ultimate Frisbee games.