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Two girls laughing in the Hodson Dining Commons

Meal Plans

The college provides a complete food service program, which includes three meals per day. All resident students are required to select either the 19 or 14 meal plan. However, all first-year freshmen resident students are required to select the 19-meal plan for the first year.

All off-campus students must select a minimum of one meal (lunch or dinner) per day. Changes in meal plans will only be permitted during the first week of the semester. No meal plan changes may be made after the end of the first week of classes.

Seniors can use any of their meal swipes at the Boren Campus Center. Underclassmen are given seven meals each week that can be used at the Boren Campus Center Monday-Friday. Only two meals swipes are allowed to be used per meal period.

Dining Dollars that come with a student’s meal plan will expire at the end of each semester. Additional Dining Dollars can be purchased and will rollover to the next semester.