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Your M.A. in Leadership in One Year

The world needs values-driven leaders from all disciplines. If you are a recent graduate—or are already working in your chosen field—our M.A. in Leadership program will provide you with the skills and experience to lead in your discipline. Our one-year program integrates a biblical perspective with practical and established methodologies.

When you graduate from the M.A. program, you will be fully equipped to:

  • Integrate Biblical values into your chosen field
  • Create and execute organizational strategies
  • Build change management strategies
  • Bring leadership theories and ethics into practice
  • Learn to lead in a diverse world

Questions? Contact Jodie Anderson, Graduate Enrollment Counselor, at or:

$650 per credit hour

with financial aid options available

30 credit hours

with an internship opportunity January term

1 year to complete

Primarily on-campus with one online course

Ready to Lead in Your Calling?

Leadership is God’s call to you—and a blessing to all who benefit from the vision and structure that values-based leaders cultivate. If you feel you are meant to selflessly lead others, Taylor’s on-campus program opens doors to a range of industries and career paths.

Whether you are embarking upon a new career or studying to advance in your industry, Taylor views your success as God working through you and they are here for you every step.

Earning your master’s degree in leadership can take your career in unexpected directions. Though the range of potential careers is seemingly limitless, some common careers our graduates seek include:

  • Project Management
  • Sales Director
  • Human Resources Leadership
  • Production Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Public Relations
  • Development Leadership
  • And many more

“Servant-leaders have never been more needed—across the country, and around the world. For this reason, Taylor is expanding its effort to develop servant-leaders, equipping more students to meet the next generation of challenges and opportunities.”

Dr. Michael Lindsay, Ph.D.
Taylor University President and Professor of Sociology

Immerse Yourself in Christian Community

Our M.A. in Leadership students have the opportunity to live on campus, which allows them to deeply immerse in the campus and spiritual activities that make Taylor a one-of-a-kind Christian college.

You also have access to unending support, including professional resources like our career services from the Calling & Career Office.

As an accredited Christian college in Upland, Indiana, Taylor provides a powerful leadership education rooted in a Christian perspective and designed to help you make teams and values-based companies prosper and thrive. All Taylor courses are grounded in a biblical worldview. Our faculty is fully committed to your mentorship.

Experiential Learning On-Campus and Beyond

This 30-credit, primarily residential program promotes learning in community with on-campus classes and flexibility with one online course. We promote experiential learning by offering an internship opportunity during the January term.

Classes during the fall and spring semesters will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, providing an opportunity to work and build your resume while you are in the program.

There are off-campus housing options near campus for those who are enrolled in the M.A. in Leadership program.


We understand your time is valuable. With a course load of 30 credits, our M.A. in Leadership only takes one year to complete.



4 on-campus courses

january term


(January Term)
1 practicum (location of choice)



4 on-campus courses



1 hybrid course

By providing on-campus housing opportunities, M.A. in Leadership students are invited to immerse themselves in Taylor’s vibrant campus community and take full advantage of spiritual life opportunities, social events, intramurals, and professional resources like our career services from the Calling & Career Office.

Course List (30 credits)


  • LDR 601 Leadership Theory and Practice (3)
  • LDR 602 Leadership and Spirituality (3)
  • HED 650 Leadership and Administration (3)
  • LDR 605 Strategic Leadership (3)


  • LDR 606 Internship (3)


  • LDR 707 Biblical Foundations of Leadership (3)
  • HED 530 Organization, Governance, and Culture (3)
  • LDR 603 Personality and Leadership Development (3)
  • LDR 604 Professional and Ethical Decision-Making (3)


  • LDR 702 Intercultural Leadership (3, hybrid)

Begin Your Journey Now

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