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History, Global, and Political Studies at Taylor

Unlocking Your Full Potential

A whole-person education requires a deep knowledge of the world, and the History, Global, and Political Studies programs at Taylor tie that textbook knowledge to current, real-world events and create a deeper understanding of history and culture.

Even at its most basic level, an understanding of past and current issues provides a foundation upon which other disciplines can be built. Literature, art, theatre, missions, sciences, economics, communication, and many more areas cannot effectively be studied or advanced without looking back on past failures and successes.

Students who declare one of our history, global, or political studies majors are stepping forward to develop critical thinking, researching, speaking, and analyzing skills to continue the advancement of society.

HGPS Opportunities

Taylor offers numerous courses that pertain to all disciplines within the history, global, and political studies fields, and there are also many opportunities to learn and grow outside of the classroom. Some of these include:

  • Research Groups: Join department research groups and do firsthand research with your professors and colleagues on topics like human trafficking and surveys and polling.
  • American Enterprise Institute Council: Taylor’s branch of the American Enterprise Institute Council allows students to get involved in a national organization, make professional connections, participate in advanced research projects, and promote political discussions across campus.
  • Internships: History, Global, and Political Studies majors have interned at a wide variety of premier organizations, including the FBI and local, state, and national legislature. Find your career niche in areas like the government, missions, corporate or private businesses, or societal research companies.
  • Study Abroad: Taylor’s History, Global, and Political Studies programs offer opportunities to study global history, economics, politics, and culture overseas. Students interested in studying the Middle East can spend a semester at Jerusalem University. Other places to travel include Latin America, Spain, London, and more. Our students can also work stateside in the heart of Washington D.C. with Best Semester’s American Studies Program.

Choosing Your Major

Picking your major at Taylor may be easy; you’ve known what you wanted to do since the first grade. But, for students who aren’t sure, we’re here to help. Check out our variety of History, Global, and Political Studies majors. If you have a question, contact your Admissions Counselor.

Click on the name of any major below to learn more.

  • History
    Learn about the world we live in by studying American and world history. You will have the opportunities to study a variety of time periods and focus on religious, regional, and political history.
  • Global Studies
    Expand your knowledge of how the world works and how events impact other places. Find connections between different countries in specific regions and see how the countries have interacted with each other throughout time.
  • Politics & Law
    Explore the depth and breadth of a legal studies major as you pursue a legal, justice, or research career. You can also begin your preparation for law school as you study under practicing judges and attorneys.
  • Political Science, Philosophy & Economics
    Dive into an interdisciplinary education that will guide you through a layered examination of global systems. Examine the historic and contemporary issues of specific countries and how the politicians, laws, and economies have reacted to those issues.
  • Politics & Public Service
    Join a hands-on political science major, where you can focus more on practical experience and more on serving your local, regional, or national community.
  • Social Studies Education
    Prepare for a career teaching social studies at the middle or high school level. Also choose a social concentration that you’ll be excited to share with young students.
  • Geography*
    Gain a foundational knowledge of the earth’s geology, regional geography, and geomorphology.
  • International Relations*
    Examine international topics like the global economy, politics, and governing systems and draw connections between the major world powers and resources.
  • Legal Studies*
    Prepare for law school by taking courses on everything from business law to civil rights and liberties.
  • Political Science*
    Ignite a passion for politics by learning about political thinking, global governance, public policy, and more.
  • Women's History*
    The minor covers the full span of world and United States history, with courses that focus on specific historical women and significant issues that affect women in particular.
*Indicates that the program is only offered as a minor.

Contact the History, Global & Political Studies Department

Dr. Kevin Johnson
Chair of the History, Global & Political Studies Department

Desirae Crouch
History, Global & Political Studies Program Assistant