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Sarah Hagelberger

Residence Life Graduate Assistant for Olson and Bergwall Halls

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  • MA, Higher Education & Student Development, Taylor University (ongoing)
  • BA, Sociology, Lee University (2020)


After growing up in Michigan my whole life, I left my small town for the Tennessee mountains where I studied at Lee University for four years. There I slowly developed a passion for the unknown season that college students are in. I fell in love with the uniqueness of residential life and saw the way staff and faculty on a college campus care so deeply for the students they do life with.

After graduating in 2020 I crossed paths with a Taylor graduate who spoke so highly of her experience that she convinced me to look into MAHE. In no time I was walking through Taylor's campus getting ready to live life with students once again!

I am expectant for my time in MAHE and the part I get to play in Olson Hall. The people here are passionate about what they do and they care so deeply for the everyone they interact with. Working alongside them is an honor and I am so grateful for the time I get to spend learning from them here at Taylor.