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Julia Hurlow

Associate Vice President for Student Development & Director of Residence Life

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counseling discipleship formation holistic life development hospitality mentoring pastoral care residence life spiritual direction team development


  • DMin, George Fox University
  • MA, Counseling, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • BS, Leadership and Christian Education, Indiana Wesleyan University

Featured Publications

Transcendence at the Table
Authors: Julia Hurlow
Publisher: WIPF and Stock Publishers (2020)


When people gather, the kingdom of heaven here on earth seems much more tangible. Whether it is around a table sharing a meal, on a walk, sharing a cup of coffee, or participating in something of a shared interest I deeply believe in the sharing of stories through communal living.

As I have lived in a number of states, worked at a number of different Christian Universities as well as lived in shared housing for the past fifteen years I have found deep joy in living among others to share in celebration as well as sorrow experienced here on earth. The stories we have experienced are to be shared as a proclamation of the redemption story of Jesus’ resurrection for our freedom. The narrative of Scripture encompasses so many stories of healing, reconciliation, and mercy.

Throughout my own narrative of joy, longing, loss, and healing the triune God is present. Along with the educational experiences that I have had in Christian education, a master’s degree in Community Counseling as well as completed my doctoral degree in Semiotics and Future Studies, I have found that each of life’s experiences have guided my desire to make meaning in the world that portrays the love of the triune God.

It is a joy to live to Middle America to live, work, and cultivate community here at Taylor University. I enjoy sharing my experiences in order to foster growth in relationships here in this community.

And I close with a portion of a poem entitled, “You are Here,” by Arlita Ibach.

“Here… Today…in this place with a story that is unique to you.
Each of us has a story that is unfolding,
Chapter by chapter, page by page.
The chapters are sometimes thrilling and adventurous,
Occasionally dark and difficult,
At times mundane and dull.
Perhaps, both beautiful and messy all at once.
Your story is important because you
have something to tell.”

It is my hope that stories may be shared, heard, and told here in the Residence Life and Discipleship Program at Taylor University to expose the love of the triune God.