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Jireh Bagyendera

Higher Education Graduate Assistant

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Jireh Bagyendera

Higher Education Graduate Assistant


  • MA, Higher Education & Student Development, Taylor University (ongoing)
  • BS, Business Administration & Entrepreneurship, Messiah University (2020)


Advice to incoming students

Break whatever tasks you get to do into small pieces and take consistent little bites. The papers can very easily pile up. This is kind of hilarious when you think about it considering the ample down time between assignments in each class. Be intentional about enjoying the journey. School can be hard, but learning is fun and interesting. Reflect on your learning process with the aim of discovering what strategies work for you and commit time to them. And go about your day with inward and outward joy because that is really the only way to do life.

Why you came to Taylor

I wanted to pursue a Master's degree, but did not want to do an MBA following my BS in Business. After perusing available options, I landed on higher education. It offered a way to use skills I learned in undergrad in a setting I very much enjoyed, college. I also had the desire to have another Christian academic experience; effectively narrowing my institution options. God's financial provision effectively made Taylor the solid choice.


Lifting, YouTube videos, and spending time with my fiancée.