Amy Barnett

Executive Director of Admissions
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I graduated from Taylor in 1994 with a degree in Secondary Education/ English. I taught junior high English back in my home state of Maryland for six years, but always said I would return to Taylor one day if the opportunity should arise. In 2000, a position came open that allowed me to work with high school and college age students and that seemed just perfect for me. God really worked to open those doors and I am now the Director of Admissions. 

The thing I love most about working on this campus is not simply that it is my alma mater and I love it here, but that every student is full of potential and in the time that they are on this campus I have the privilege to a front row seat watching them grow, learn, do and become. I consider it an incredible opportunity to work with young people that are listening for God's call on their lives, and are willing to flesh that out by means of furthering their education in order to serve to the best of their ability. 

I would consider it a pleasure to help you learn more about Taylor...I will provide all of the information that I can to you. I look forward to working with you in this process.