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Skip Trudeau

Vice President for Student Development & Intercollegiate Athletics, Director of the Master of Arts in Higher Education Program

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history of higher education leadership in higher education


  • EdD, Higher Education Administration, Indiana University Bloomington
  • MA, Student Personnel Administration, State University of New York College at Buffalo
  • BA, Christian Education, John Brown University

Featured Publications

Aiding the Call: A Parent’s Guide to the Christian College
Authors: Todd C. Ream, Timothy W. Hermann, C. Skip Trudeau
Publisher: Abilene Christian Press (2011)
Making a Difference: Empowering the Resident Assistant
Authors: Stephen Beers and Skip Trudeau
Publisher: Abliene Christian Press (2016)

Career Highlights

I have 38 years of experience in administrative roles in higher education and 17 years of teaching at the graduate level in higher education.

I have published eleven journal articles, three book chapters and co-authored two books since 2000.

Recent Journal Articles:

  • The Role of Campus Traditions in Campus Life at Christian Colleges and Universities, Christian Higher Education Journal (2019).
  • Ernest L. Boyer, The Christian College and the Uneasy Tension Between the Curriculum and the Co-Curriculum, Christian Higher Education Journal (2013).

Recent Book Chapters:

  • "A Philosophy of Whole Person Education" in: Taylor University: The First 175 Years, Indiana Historical Society Press (2022).
  • "Dealing with Controversy: The Introduction of Dancing" in: Taylor University: The First 175 Years, Indiana Historical Society Press (2022).
  • “Managing Professional Interdependence: A Model for Christian Scholarship” in: The Soul of a Christian University: A Field Guide for Educators, Abilene Christian University Press/Leafwood Publishers (2008)


In addition to my professional roles and publications, I have been active in professional organizations such The Association for Christians in Student Development (ACSD) and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). I have regularly attended conferences of both organizations and made over 25 workshop presentations at these and other professional meetings. I have served as President for ACSD and served on the ACSD Executive Committee for a total of eight years. I have also served as an external evaluator for program reviews at six different colleges.

I have led or co-led several major building projects while at Taylor University, including the Boren Campus Center, Memorial Prayer Chapel, Breuninger Hall, Campbell Hall, Wolgemuth Hall, and Stillman Fieldhouse.