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Sarah Justice

Assistant Professor of Biology

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  • PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Indiana University School of Medicine
  • BS, Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University


Why I came to Taylor

My Christian walk and scientific training started around the same time in my life, but while they've inwardly gone hand in hand in shaping my worldview, prior to coming to Taylor they were outwardly separate parts of my lives. Taylor has provided a unique opportunity to share with students that not only are science and the Bible not mutually exclusive, but they also complement one another. Additionally, a big part of my love for teaching stems from having an impact on individual students in the realm of the biological sciences. Many people steer clear of science because they think it is unapproachable and difficult to understand. I aspire to make science less intimidating and more stimulating to pique the curiosity of every student in the class. The small class sizes and more hands-on and active approaches to learning taken both in the classes and the labs attracted me to Taylor's Biology Department.

Why I enjoy teaching at Taylor

The Christ-centered focus of Taylor provides a strong foundation on which students can build close relationships with one another, making it easier to create a comfortable environment for students to learn in. The importance of community and fellowship that is stressed at Taylor helps students be surrounded by students and faculty that provide not only a support network but also examples and role models of those who are not being conformed to the current age but are being transformed by the renewing of the mind (Romans 12:2).

Furthermore, with small class sizes and an emphasis on students building relationships with one another, I feel that Taylor University is the perfect setting to practice and optimize inclusive teaching strategies where every student is actively involved in their learning.