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Michael Bowman

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

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computational chemistry physical chemistry quantum chemistry

Michael Bowman

Assistant Professor of Chemistry


  • PhD, Chemistry, University of Georgia (2020)
  • BS, Chemistry & Mathematics, Huntington University (2017)


Advice to Incoming Students

In order to choose a major, first examine where your passions intersect the world's needs. Take your time with this decision and give yourself the grace to change your mind. Get to know your professors and ask them many thoughtful questions in class, then go to their office and ask them even more questions. There's a treasure trove of knowledge among TU professors, so seek to learn as much as possible during your brief time at Taylor University.

Why I Enjoy Teaching at Taylor

The faculty at TU have adopted the attitude of servant-leaders living to serve both their students and their colleagues. At the same time, TU students are highly engaged in their coursework and in their campus. Collectively TU students and faculty have fostered a great atmosphere for learning and worshiping our God.


Running, gardening, and playing with my son Daniel.