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Lauren Woodward

Assistant Professor of Biology

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bioinformatics cell biology genetics molecular biology


  • PhD, Molecular Genetics, The Ohio State University
  • BS, Biology, Mount Vernon Nazarene University


I'm a scientist who studies how messenger RNA stability is regulated to help organisms respond to stressful environments. I attended Mount Vernon Nazarene University, where I majored in Biology and did a short research internship at Ohio Northern University. My doctoral research at Ohio State University focused primarily on the function of RNA binding proteins in modulating gene expression in human cell culture. I then continued into a postdoctoral research and teaching position at Kenyon College, studying seasonal regulation of plant reproduction.

The more I learn about the natural world, the more I appreciate the divine in what I previously held as common. I pray that as you embark on this chapter of your life, you keep seeking God's hand and challenging yourself. Trust the process and even the discomfort, because God has good (while not always easy or straightforward) plans for you.

I came to Taylor because it is an amazing place to wholeheartedly pursue Christ and scientific endeavors. I love diving into topics and experiments that will not only increase our understanding of the world around us, but also equip students to think scientifically.