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Laura McClelland

Associate Professor of Psychology

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cognition industrial-organizational motivation psychology testing


  • PhD, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Clemson University 
  • MA, Applied Psychology—Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Clemson University
  • BS, Psychology, Iowa State University 

Career Highlights

  • Three years of applied industrial-organizational psychology work putting hiring systems in place
  • Various publications and presentations

Featured Work

McClelland, L. E., & Case, K. F. (2023). Is class worth their time? Student perspectives on class structure and attendance. Studies in Educational Evaluation. Advance online publication. 

McClelland, L. E., Switzer III, F. S., & Pilcher, J. J. (2013). Changes in nurses’ decision making during a 12-h day shift. Occupational Medicine, 63, 60-65.

McClelland, L. E., Pilcher, J. J., & Moore, D. D. (2010). Oculomotor measures as predictors of performance during sleep deprivation. Aviation, Space, & Environmental Medicine, 81, 833-842.

McClelland, L. E., & McCubbin, J. A. (2008). Social influence and pain response in women and men. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 31, 413-420.

McClelland, L. E. (2007). Examining the effects of fatigue on decision-making in nursing: A policy-capturing approach (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from Dissertations at TigerPrints. (154)

McClelland, L. E., & Pilcher, J. J. (2007). Assessing subjective sleepiness during a night of sleep deprivation: Examining the internal state and behavioral dimensions of sleepiness. Behavioral Medicine, 33, 17-26.

Pilcher, J. J., McClelland, L. E., Moore, D. D., Haarmann, H., Baron, J., Wallsten, T. S., & McCubbin, J. A. (2007). Language performance under sustained work and sleep deprivation conditions. Aviation, Space, & Environmental Medicine, 78, B25-38.


I enjoy cooking and baking, spending time with friends and family, making jewelry, gardening (anything outdoors!), traveling, and church activities. My current research interests include better understanding restorativeness on Taylor’s campus by better learning about Taylor students’ personalities, subjective well-being, and their use and perception of campus spaces.