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Kenneth Kiers

Professor of Physics


Advice for Incoming Freshmen

Take Dr. Davis’ advice during University Physics I—to succeed in physics or engineering, you need to work hard. Others in your residence hall may have lots of time for playing video games, but you don’t! Also, try to get to know some of the upperclassmen in physics or engineering. They can be a great source of advice for succeeding in the major. Finally, please ask your professors for help if you are stuck. It’s better to come sooner rather than wait until you’re way behind.

Why I Came to Taylor

I went to a Christian college for a few years as an undergraduate and really felt called to teach at a similar institution after I received my PhD Taylor’s great! I love teaching and getting to know our students. Being around 18-22-year-olds all the time has a way of keeping you young!


Wood working, Construction/framing, racquetball, and computer programming