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Jeremy Case

Professor of Mathematics

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justifications in mathematics linear algebra mathematics of finance and actuary science mathematics seminar senior capstone undergraduate research

Jeremy Case

Professor of Mathematics


  • PhD, Math, University of Minnesota (1995)
  • MS, Math, University of Minnesota (1992)
  • MA, Math, Miami University (1989)
  • BA, Math, Taylor University (1987)


Advice to Incoming Students

Develop a growth mindset. Your abilities are not fixed or unchangeable. Cultivate a love of learning about God, His world, and His people rather than just finishing your work or doing enough to get a particular grade.

Why I Enjoy Teaching at Taylor

I love my job teaching students, but it goes beyond mathematics. It is rewarding to see people mature from incoming freshmen to graduating seniors, and to see how God develops them spiritually. Teaching is valued within my department and across Taylor so that it becomes a community activity where we are all growing and learning together. Moreover, I am free to integrate Christianity with mathematics and other areas. I have wonderful students and colleagues who share the joys as well as the disappointments, as we learn more about ourselves and develop our relationships with God.


I enjoy seeing God’s handiwork in different disciplines and vocations, which is why I appreciate being part of Christian Liberal Arts education. Each stage of life provides opportunities to see Him in new ways. I am interested in the church’s role in redemption and racial reconciliation. I also enjoy playing the piano and reading books, riding my bike and taking walks with my wife, and playing tennis with my daughters and racquetball with my colleagues.

Major Career Accomplishments

One of my most rewarding experiences has been facilitating a faculty learning community where I collaborated with eight faculty members to produce the Big Ideas reflection instrument and a scholarly paper. Other accomplishments include being chair of the Mathematics Department, Associate Dean for General Education, and Campus Leader and Teaching Excellence Award winner in 2014.